Writing is a solitary pursuit… but you don’t have to do it by yourself.

Once a month, a group meets in the Woodlands Workspace. We write fiction in various genres. We work individually, together. Collectively, we write alone.

We all know what we want to do. We all think we know how to do it. The format is simple. We write for fifty minutes in every hour, each developing our personal projects. That’s it. No bells. No whistles.

The Woodlands Workspace is an ideal venue for these mini-retreats. Join us for stripped-down, pared back, streamlined writing time. We offer no tips, tricks, teaching or tutoring in these sessions. We do offer focused time to structure and develop your own work, and the quiet encouragement of others attentively ignoring you. You’ll bring your own ideas and inspirations, your own pencil, paper, pen, notebook, laptop, your own motivation – your own snacks if you need them. Tea and coffee are provided

Each half-day session will cost you £10 with any profits being returned to the Woodlands Community Trust.

Join us from 9am-1pm, or from 1pm-5pm, on Sunday 3rd Nov, or Sunday 1st Dec. Places are limited.

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